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Ammonia removal from wastewater

Ammonia removal from wastewater

Ammonia removal from wastewater remains one of the major challenges of waste management. Organics offers a cost-effective proven thermal ammonia stripping technology that provides a highly efficient solution for the removal and destruction of ammonia. Powered by waste heat, landfill gas, biogas or syngas, the physical chemical process is subject to predictable control and does not rely on bacteria.

Biogas and landfill gas

Biogas and landfill gas

Biogas and landfill gas are produced by naturally occurring bacteria that consume organic materials to produce methane. Properly managed this methane may be employed to produce energy and thereby offset the use of fossil fuels. Organics has constructed several hundred systems that are involved in the production, capture and use of methane from natural sources.

RDF (Refuse-derived fuel)


RDF production is an essential and integral part of a modern society’s waste management options. By means of a range of transformative processes, waste can be converted into a useful product which can replace high-grade fossil fuels. Subject to form, moisture content and calorific value, RDF can be used in a range of industrial processes from fluidised bed combustion, to cement kilns and in RDF-fired power generation facilities.

Organics People


The staff of Organics is motivated by the desire to produce quality products for use in environmental engineering and renewable energy systems. With many such installations successfully commissioned in many countries Organics has a proven track record in the sector. Building on this success and looking for opportunities for continual improvement is an important theme in the daily management of the business.