SC Flare Systems

Shrouded flame flares with no visible flame and automated control of combustion air allowing a combustion temperature of 1,000ºC and 0.5 seconds retention time

  • automatic flame temperature control
  • non-visible flame
  • turbulent diffusion flame
  • 1000oC
  • emissions control


  • Flow rate available in this range : 250 to 10,000 Nm3/h
  • Pressure rise across gas booster : approximately 150 mbar
  • Flame temperature : 950 to 1050ºC
  • Retention time : 0.5 seconds
  • minimum Minimum methane concentration for combustion at specified temperature : 25% CH4

The SC range of flare stacks provides a realistically priced option to meet growing public concern about emissions from landfill gas flares.

The key to the currently preferred technological solution is to raise the temperature of the combustion process to at least 1,000ºC and retain the combusted gases at this temperature for an extended period of time.

This can only be achieved with an SC type of flare unit which controls heat loss to the environment and holds the gases at the design temperature for a specified period, referred to as the "retention time".

The principle involved is a trade off between time and temperature in the process of destroying and removing the trace contaminants in landfill gas that are the cause for concern.

The Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) of a combustion process is a balance between time and temperature. The higher the temperature the shorter the residence time required.

With municipal incinerators the requirement at present is a temperature of greater than 850ºC for a duration of 2 seconds. With landfill gas flares the temperatures attainable are higher and the residence time can, therefore, be shorter.

The cut off point, in terms of temperature, is approximately 1,200oC, at which point thermal NOx formation increases sharply. Whilst the higher temperatures will have a higher DRE for the trace gases often found in landfill gas, the increased production of NOx negates the benefit.

The SC Range of flare stacks provides the minimum specification to meet the DRE requirement. Flame temperatures of up to 1000oC are attainable.

For higher temperature combustion it is necessary to move up to the MC Range of flare units.


Data sheet downloads: SC Flare Systems

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