MC Flare Systems

Shrouded flame flares which allow combustion up to 1,200oC and 0.5 seconds retention time

  • automatic flame temperature control
  • non-visible flame
  • turbulent diffusion flame
  • 1200oC
  • emission control


  • Flow rate available in this range : 250 to 10,000 Nm3/h
  • Pressure rise across gas booster : Approximately 150 mbar g
  • Flame temperature : 1150 to 1200oC
  • Retention time : 0.5 seconds minimum
  • Minimum methane concentration for combustion at specified temp : 25% CH4

The MC range of flare stacks provides a combustion strategy which holds the gases at 1200oC for the specified retention time. This takes to its realistic limit this form of combustion control.

The key to this form of technological solution is to raise the temperature of the combustion process to 1200oC and retain the combustion gases at this temperature for an extended period of time.

This can only be achieved with a shrouded type of flare unit which controls heat loss to the environment to the absolute minimum and holds the gases at the design temperature for a specified period within a combustion chamber of adequate volume.

The calculation required to correctly calculate retention time involves taking the volume of landfill gas and air necessary to achieve complete combustion and correcting for temperature. The stoichiometric, or ideal, mix of air and methane is approximately 10:1. In reality, the imperfect mixing of gases requires a greater volume of air. Typically the ratio may be closer to 15:1. It is the additional air which cools the flame and prevents high temperatures from being attained.

Tight control of temperature losses and combustion air is, therefore, essential with this type of flare system

The MC Range provides the optimum specification in terms of meeting a Destruction and Removal Efficiency requirement with techniques employing the retention time and temperature strategy of combustion control. Flame temperatures of up to 1200oC are attainable. For alternative and additional combustion strategies it is necessary to consider to the RB Range of flare units.


Data sheet downloads: MC Flare Systems

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