RB Flare Systems

Shrouded ground flares which, as well as allowing high-temperature combustion, include exhaust gas recycle to minimise the formation of NOx

  • automatic flame temperature control
  • non-visible flame
  • turbulent diffusion flame
  • 1000oC to 1200oC
  • emission control
  • reduced height possible whilst maintaining emission control
  • reduced NOx emissions


  • Flow rate available in this range : 250 to 3000 Nm3/h
  • Pressure rise across gas booster : Approximately 150 mbar g
  • Flame temperature : 1150 to 1200oC
  • Retention time : 0.5 seconds minimum
  • Minimum methane concentration for combustion at specified temp : 25% CH4

The RB Range of flare stacks provides for standards which may eventually incorporate tight limits on NOx. Organics has developed a number of strategies which can deal with this problem whilst attending to other aspects of a site specific specification.


Data sheet downloads: RB Flare Systems

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