SMART Flares

The Organics premier range of flares which, as well as allowing high-temperature combustion, include full facilities for exhaust gas recycle, combustion air staging and fuel-gas staging to minimise the formation of NOx.

  • Exhaust gas recycle
  • Combustion air staging
  • Reduced NOx emissions

Key Features

  • natural-draft driven exhaust gas recycle
  • NOx minimisation
  • automatic flame temperature control
  • non-visible flame
  • turbulent diffusion flame
  • 1000 to 1200oC
  • emission control
  • reduced height possible whilst maintaining emission control
  • staged-air and staged-fuel options available for special applications

Size Range

  • Flow rate available in this range : 250-10,000 m3/hr
  • Flame temperature : 1000 to 1200oC
  • Retention time : 0.5 secs (min)
  • Minimum methane concentration for combustion at specified temp : 25% CH4

Typical Applications

The SMART flare includes facilities for the minimisation of NOx. It is well known that exhaust gas recycling has provided significant reductions in the NOx content of exhaust flows from combustion processes. The SMART flare takes this principle and combines it with an ordinary SC Range or MC Range flare to give natural-draft driven exhaust gas recycling. The draft induced by the chimney is used to drive the recycling, thus obviating the need for expensive and costy to run exhaust fans. Other NOx reduction techniques, such as as combustion air-staging and fuel-staging can be employed to further reduce NOx levels for special applications or circumstances.


Data sheet downloads: SMART Flares

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