Biogas for Power Generation

Biogas (LFG and gas from agricultural waste) is a recognised valuable resource, both as a fuel gas for energy production and as an offset option capable of generating carbon credits.  Projects aimed at recovering this resource require specialised technology and know-how. The extraction, treatment and management of Biogas are all critical aspects that can affect the viability, not to mention the profitability of such projects.  Done correctly, a Biogas recovery and utilisation project can offer a healthy return on investment with full payback being realistically achievable within an acceptable term.

The Project Route for a viable electricity generation project is summarised in Organics data sheet ODSG06 (see below for download link). 

Carbon finance

Projects based on a dual objective of recovering carbon credits will require substantial additional attention to negotiate a path through the extensive registration and approval procedures. 

In addition to, and no matter how high the standard of performance, projects that have as an objective the claiming of carbon credits will require meticulous monitoring and recording of system operational data. Organics can provide developers with engineering systems to meet CDM and voluntary carbon emissions criteria.


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