Distributed Monitoring Systems

Gas sampling systems for buildings and field migration protection systems

  • Multi-gas systems available
  • Fully automated operation
  • Data logging and data analysis

Key features

A distributed monitoring system extracts sample gas from particular locations around a site, passes them back through a series of small-bore pipe network, to a gas analysis suite where the target gases are measured and the readings logged for later analysis.

Where target gases exceed set trigger levels alarms are raised, either directly by means of a bell or flashing light, or remotely via the telephone network.

Size range

There is no limit to the number of points which can be monitored by a distributed monitoring system. Organics has installed one which covers over twenty buildings with up to thirty-two points per building.

Typical Application

Distributed Monitoring Systems can be of use in monitoring any atmosphere which may present a hazard to human health. This includes ambient air systems where oxygen depletion may occur, to buildings located on landfill sites where elevated levels of methane may result in an explosive mixture.

There are many other uses for such systems including, for example, monitoring carbon dioxide levels in greenhouse complexes or VOC levels in print rooms.


Data sheet downloads: Distributed Monitoring Systems

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