High-contact stripper/scrubber without column packing

The Organics stripper/scrubber unit, the Sy-Clone®, is designed for use in a chemical process environment to accomplish the following:

  • remove the requirement for packing and trays
  • reduce the need for internal cleaning by carrying formed solids out of the process vessel
  • reduce the plant height
  • improve efficiency

It achieves these objectives by creating a high-impact environment with maximised surface areas, thus facilitating high mass-transfer rates with reduced contact volumes. The technology has been widely demonstrated as viable, reliable and economic in terms of maintenance in many locations around the world.

Key features

  • high-impact contact between liquor and gases
  • high- mass transfer rates to footprint area ratios
  • leads to significant savings in maintenance
  • highly resistant to blocking

Key data

  • flow rates available: Liquid rates of 50 to 2,000 cubic metres per day; gaseous flows of up to 20,000 Nm3/hr
  • temperature range: System designs can operate from cryogenic temperatures up to approximately 500oC for facilities employing heat recovery techniques
  • pressure range: From deep vacuum to approximately 25 bar gauge, subject to application parameters and materials selection. Pressure vessels are ASME UL stamped
  • pre-treatment requirements: Coarse filtration for solids over 1 mm diameter.


Data sheet downloads: Sy-Clone

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