Odour Control

OdorgaardTM Passive removal of odours from low noxious gas flows

  • Designed for use with wet gases
  • Removable filter-medium cartridge
  • Universal range of fittings
  • Filters to remove most odourous gases

Key features

The Organic's OdorgaardTM is designed for the reduction and elimination of smells from vent points. The unit comes in two forms. The first is a simple flow-through vent whilst the second incorporates measures to condense out water prior to the gas flow entering the activated-carbon filter bed.

The OdorgaardTM is supplied loose with a range of optional fittings for different types of wellheads and vent pipes and will accommodate a range of flow rates and organic compound loadings.

Size range

The following table shows the various ranges which can be accommodated for the named parameters.

Details upon application


The OdorgaardTM is designed for use where odours are creating a difficulty for local inhabitants and where these odours can be either dealt with at source or by collecting and treating the contaminated air. Such locations include tank vents, landfill gas vents and paint or dye storage facilities, to name but a few.


Data sheet downloads: Odour Control

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