Build, Own, Operate

Options for finance and operation 

The management of landfill gas and leachate on an ongoing basis can be a complex, unexpectedly costly and time consuming activity. 

It is often the case that staff responsible for a landfill site may not wish to have key management effort diverted from core business to such peripheral activities. Passing such a responsibility to a specialist company makes it possible to remove the threat of penalties accruing from system failures as well as facilitating the establishment of a clear financial forecast as a basis for management of the issues involved. 

Organics offers a range of options under this heading, from straight leasing and lease-purchase to Build Own and Operate (BOO), Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) and Design, Build and Operate (DBO).

Key features

  • plant financed and operated by a specialist company
  • fixed rates for ongoing treatment
  • variable rate for flows above base-load
  • long-term contracts
  • full responsibility accepted for plant performance


  • No capital investment
  • All design, construction and operational issues undertaken by a specialist team having all the relevant skills
  • Input from Client's management staff is significantly reduced during the design and construction period
  • Input from Client's project management and operational staff is minimised during the operational stage of the project
  • Minimal concern/liability for plant operations and treatment performance

In order to design a leachate treatment facility there are a number of key parameters that must be established. Principal amongst these are the following:

  • The leachate flow rate
  • Make-up of the leachate to be treated
  • Permissible discharge concentrations for the leachate after it has been treated

Subject to the complexity of the treatment facility required, the stages to development of such a turnkey project are as follows:

  • Data evaluation
  • Design
  • Proposal
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing, installation and commissioning
  • Operation


Data sheet downloads: Build, Own, Operate

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