Gasification Systems

Biomass conversion to Syn-gas 

Biomass gasifiers operate by heating biomass in an oxygen-starved environment until the biomass breaks into its constituent chemical components. The process requires the input of heat energy for the endothermic chemical reaction to proceed that splits the molecules apart. 

Gasification with air produces a low-Btu gas, with a heating value about one-fifth that of natural gas. Indirectly heated gasification and oxygen-blown gasification produces a medium-Btu gas, with heating values as much as one-half that of natural gas. The product gas is suitable for fuelling advanced power systems that require clean, gaseous fuels. 

Organics has developed and proven its own in-house technology for the efficient gasification of varied biomass streams. Of particular interest is Municipal Solid Waste, although many types of organic waste are suitable for use with this technology to produce energy.

Key features

  • maximise energy production from biomass waste streams
  • low emissions, well within environmental limitations
  • ability to accept a wide variety of biomass feed streams
  • size range up to 300 tonnes per day
  • vendor finance and operate options a speciality


  • Immediate conversion of biomass Waste to Energy
  • Waste reduction to ash for landfilling
  • Maximises existing landfill capacity
  • Integrated management options to combined wet wastes and dry wastes into a single energy park
  • The absence of excess air in the thermal reduction process prevents the formation of harmful pollutant gases

Waste to Energy 

There are many types of organic waste stream produced by both industry and society in general. Such waste is at present a public liability, causing difficulties for transfer, handling and long-term disposal. The Organics gasification system is designed to accept a broad range of organic waste consistencies. This is an essential pre-requisite for systems designed to gasify Municipal Solid Waste.


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