Clean Pyrolysis K Range

The K Range is designed around equipment sizes that can be built into ISO containers for ease of shipping and deployment. The K Range is, therefore, a highly mobile unit for waste disposal in a environmentally sound and thermally efficient manner.

Typical use of the K Range involves the disposal of municipal solid waste for small to medium-sized population centres of between five thousand and twenty thousand people, such as may be found in island communities and small villages. This application may also include clincal waste. It is also deployed with clean energy production from biomass waste in small to medium-scale biomass handling facilities, such as saw mills, rice processing facilities (for energy production from rice husk), palm oil mills, coconut mills and similar such locations.

The K Range starts with a dry mass input rate of four metric tonnes per day and reaches to a module-maximum of twelve tonnes per day. Larger throughputs may be handled with this equipment configuration by means of multiple modules.


Data sheet downloads: Clean Pyrolysis K Range

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