GALFADTM is an integrated waste disposal system designed to maximise energy recovery from unsorted municipal solid waste.   The simple objective is to use appropriate conversion technology for each type of waste.

Key features and advantages include:

  • Converts anaerobic digester feedstock to high-grade compost
  • Simple and reliable
  • Reduces gasifier feed to ash
  • Immediate conversion of biomass Waste to Energy
  • Plant configuration allows a wide range of waste types to be passed through the thermal reactor
  • Gas management system ensures smooth operation of energy generation plant
  • Maximises existing landfill capacity
  • The absence of excess air in the thermal reduction process prevents the formation of harmful pollutant gases
  • Can be located close to the source of the waste, thus reducing transport distances and costs.

The technology involved has been developed and demonstrated in Europe and is supported by methane-offset Carbon Credits, making it especially commercially attractive in Annex 1 countries of the Kyoto Protocol.


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