Waste as an energy resource

Organics offers a broad range of energy-harnessing technologies including Anaerobic digestion systems, gasification and pyrolysis.

Every time the price of oil peaks, the issue of Waste as an energy resource becomes a major preoccupation with governments, businesses and individuals.  The pressing need is to escape the impact of potentially crippling increased costs.

Waste can come in many forms suitable for energy recovery.  The processing of agricultural products, such as tapioca, palm oil, rice and coconuts leaves significant quantities of solid and liquid effluent which can be processed to produce energy.

Key features include:

  • Turnkey design, manufacture and installation services available, or component supply only
  • A one-stop solution for a complete service relating to the combustion of waste and surplus gases
  • Finance available through affiliated companies for finance and operate projects
  • Operation and maintenance services provided.


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