Gas Systems

Gas Systems available from Organics.

Feed Gas Analysis Equipment

On-line feed gas equipment will typically measure methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen. On occasion it may also include hydrogen sulphide, and carbon monoxide.

Exhaust Gas Analysis Equipment

With increasing environmental awareness and a tightening of statutory controls, the monitoring of exhaust gases emitting from landfill gas flaring and utilisation systems is becoming an increasingly important element of well-managed facilities.

Ambient-air line cooler

Process gas and liquid cooling using ambient air blast coolers.

Electricity generation from Biogas

Biogas (LFG and gas from agricultural waste) is a recognised valuable resource, both as a fuel gas for energy production and as an offset option capable of generating carbon credits. Projects aimed at recovering this resource require specialised technology and know-how.

Gas Chillers

Packaged gas cooling tonear zero or sub-sero temperatures.

Distributed Monitoring Systems

Gas sampling systems for buildings and field migration protection systems.

Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubbers

The Anaerobic digestion of organic matter produces methane and carbon dioxide. It can also lead to the production of other trace gases, such as hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide can be a health and safety hazard. The gas has an unpleasant odour and can cause the rapid corrosion of carbon steels.

Gas Pumping Sets

Fuel-skids for power generation. The absolute requirement for a fuel skid is long-term reliability.

Mobile Gas Liquefaction Units


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