Waste To Energy Systems

A wide range of options available from Organics

Build, Own, Operate

The management of landfill gas and leachate on an ongoing basis can be a complex, unexpectedly costly and time consuming activity.

Gasification Systems

Organics has developed and proven its own in-house technology for the efficient gasification of varied biomass streams. Of particular interest is Municipal Solid Waste, although many types of organic waste are suitable for use with this technology to produce energy.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion involves the breakdown of organic waste by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment.  It is commonly used as a waste treatment process but also produces a methane-rich Biogas which can be used to generate heat and/or electricity.

Waste to Energy

Municipal Solid Waste to Electricity Through Gasification.  The system offered here for the commercial implementation of a waste-to-energy strategy is based upon the following process stages: waste sorting, waste pre-treatment, gasification, gas treatment and energy generation.

Clean Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is the use of heat to break down biomass into its constituent gaseous components in the absence of combustion.  The Pyrolysis technology offered by Organics involves the use of heat in the complete absence of air.

Clean Pyrolysis K Range

The K Range is designed around equipment sizes that can be built into ISO containers for ease of shipping and deployment. The K Range is, therefore, a highly mobile unit for waste disposal in a environmentally sound and thermally efficient manner.

Clean Pyrolysis T Range

Typical use of the T Range involves the disposal of municipal solid waste for medium to large sized population centres of between forty thousand and four hundred thousand people, such as may be found in many towns and rural community centres.


GALFAD is an integrated waste disposal system designed to maximise energy recovery from unsorted municipal solid waste.  The simple objective is to use appropriate conversion technology for each type of waste.

Waste as an energy resource

Organics offers a broad range of energy-harnessing technologies including Anaerobic digestion systems, gasification and pyrolysis.


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