Carbon Emissions Reduction

The carbon trading market for CDM/JI compliance projects and voluntary carbon offset projects is a key driver in the waste management industry throughout the world.

Organics has the capability to supply complete technology solutions and also to partner with developers on carbon credit funded projects.  As an engineering company that has the experience and capability to design and manufacture turnkey biogas and biomass to energy systems, Organics’ is uniquely positioned to assist with the development of carbon mitigation/renewable energy projects.  In addition to its engineering know-how, Organics has a long and successful track record of operating in CDM host countries throughout the world, acquiring a great deal of knowledge of the criteria and protocols in the process.

As the momentum increases year on year for projects that contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gases, more and more of Organics Ltd projects involve the manufacture and supply of carbon finance-earning systems.  Since the turn of the millennium, Organics’supply of Carbon Emissions Reduction equipment and systems has grown to represent 75% of the Company’s annual turnover.  Organics projects completed to date for its clients are equal in value to an estimated 3.6 million carbon credits.  In addition to that, the majority of the projects have entailed the utilisation of biogas and biomass for energy generation.  In addition to their value in credits, the energy generation is around 130 megawatts installed capacity.

Mainstream equipment products and systems on such projects include: gas flares, fuel skids, dehumidifiers, bio-scrubbers, ammonia strippers, biogas extraction networks, and purpose-built, turnkey biogas systems. 

The monitoring requirements of approved projects are thorough and exacting, demanding a commitment and understanding of best practice to ensure project success.  Organics has the know-how and experience necessary to meet the monitoring standards of project validators, from the level of equipment quality and specification of monitoring instruments through to the protocols and standards of recording and reporting.  Gas SCADA systems, including all component parts, are assembled, fabricated and supplied on the basis of quality, accuracy and reliability.

Approved Carbon Emissions Reduction projects have been completed by Organics in host countries around the world, including Asia, Africa and Central and North America (Mexico).


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