Pakan Peralatan Analisis Gas

On-line feed gas equipment will typically measure methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen. On occasion it may also include hydrogen sulphide, and carbon monoxide.

An important part of managing a gas collection system is to understand how the gas quality of a landfill site is varying with operating conditions and time.

Landfill gas is a difficult gas to monitor reliably. It tends to be saturated with moisture, leading to condensation in working parts, as well as to contain a wide range of contaminant gases that can be both cross-sensitive to inappropriate sensors and damaging to others which are not suitable for the environment.

The systems offered by Organics include feed gas filtration, feed gas pre-heating to avoid condensation and water flood-protection.

Key features

  • on-line monitoring of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen
  • pre-heating of sample gas to avoid formation of condensate
  • sample gas filtration
  • in-built dewatering systems
  • water flood-protection measures and alarm notification


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Pakan Peralatan Analisis Gas