Pendingin garis Ambien udara

Process gas and liquid cooling using ambient air blast coolers

  • Reduce line temperatures to ambient plus 10oC
  • Gas and liquids
  • Stand-alone or as part of a system
  • Materials to suit application

Key features

Compression of gases can often lead to line temperatures being unacceptably high. Most plastic pipeline material, for example, will be damaged by excessive temperatures.

The Organics ambient air line cooler range can be installed into systems where temperatures approximately 10oC above ambient air will be adequate to meet process specifications.

Size range

Line-coolers can be supplied for units delivering gas in the size range 500 cubic metres per hour to 10,000 cubic metres per hour. Larger flows can be accommodated upon request. Temperatures can be reduced from several hundred degrees centigrade to near ambient temperatures.


The protection of pipeline and downstream processes from excessive temperatures is the primary point of application of this technology. It is often the case, for example, that the feed-gas to an engine may have permitted maximum and minimum temperature requirements. As well as having the facility to cool gases it may, in such a case, be a requirement to heat the gas in periods of exceptionally low temperature. Where this is a requirement, the Organics ambient air line-cooler can be fitted with a optional line-heating facility.


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Pendingin garis Ambien udara