Pendingin gas

Packaged gas cooling tonear zero or sub-sero temperatures

  • Automatic dew-point control
  • Fully integrated into system design
  • Sub-zero temperatures available

Key Features

A gas chiller can reduce the temperature of a gas stream to around 2oC. Temperatures below this can also be achieved but will result in freezing of the heat exchanger tubes. Where temperatures of less than zero are required it will be necessary to run tandem heat exchangers, switching the flow from one to the other as they become blocked with ice.

By reducing the temperature to close to freezing point the relative humidity of the gas can also be reduced, thus minimising the possibility of condensate formation in pipes down-stream of the chiller.

Size range

Chiller packages are, as with other items of purpose built process plant supplied by Organics, unlimited in practical size. Flow rates of up to 10,000 Normal cubic metres per hour can be effectively "chilled" to the target levels.


It is often the case that suppliers of certain types of equipment, such as internal combustion engines and gas turbines, will specify a maximum moisture content in the gas to be fed to their plant. The options for dealing with such requirements are limited. Hydroscopic filters will reduce dew points by up to 6oC but this may provide inadequate protection, especially as the dew point of the feed gas often varies significantly.

Where properly designed and built a packaged chiller will reliably ensure the target dew point is continuously met.


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Pendingin gas