Set Pemompaan Gas

Fuel-skids for power generation. The absolute requirement for a fuel skid is long-term reliability

Units designed, manufactured and supplied by Organics employ tried and tested technology for landfill gas pumping applications where unnecessary downtime has immediate ramifications in terms of revenue generation and, it is fully recognised, must be avoided.

It is now well acknowledged that landfill gas is a unique fuel. It possesses characteristics that are not matched by any other similar fuel gas, such as natural gas or biogas from anaerobic digesters. For this reason a landfill gas fuel skid must be built specifically for this application. Of particular note are the high-levels of moisture drop out and the possibility of a wide range of potentially corrosive trace gases. These range from halogens to ammonia and mercaptans.

Key features

  • high-reliability gas pumping sets
  • optional air blast cooling and refrigerated chilling for dew-point management
  • site-specific design
  • automatic moisture removal systems for collected condensate
  • integrated control systems with facilities to link into main control centre

Key data

  • Flow rates available: 50 to 20,000 cubic metres per hour
  • Suction pressure head: Suction pressure rarely needs to exceed 150 mbar although deep-vacuum systems may be accommodated.
  • Delivery pressure head: Delivery pressures of 300 to 600 mbar g are normally achieved with twin-stage centrifugal blowers. Higher pressure heads, of up to 200 bar g, may be achieved with screw compressors, rotary vein compressors and multi-stage reciprocating compressors.

Gas-pumping units manufactured and supplied by Organics have a well-established record in providing landfill gas to generators with up times in excess of 99%.


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Set Pemompaan Gas